What We Do

Basingstoke Young Carers

What is a young carer?

A young carer is a young person who cares for parent/s or siblings with physical, mental, critical disability/illness or with drug/alcohol addictions.

What is Basingstoke Young Carers?

Basingstoke young carers is a charity that is for young people aged 8-18 that give respite for the young carers based in Basingstoke. They are also a part of a project with the Hampshire young carer’s alliance. Furthermore they offer a chance for the young carer to take a break from their caring responsibilities by providing: activates, information, support and guidance to the young person and their families. They also work closely with schools, colleges, local council departments, doctors and many more to ensure that young carers are identified and supported. They run 3 respite youth clubs for the carers.

Youth club times?

Monday 6-8pm for carers in year 10, 11 and carers in college
Wednesday 4:30-6pm for carers in years 4, 5,6
Wednesday 6-8pm for carers in years 7, 8, 9
All the clubs are at Basingstoke Hockey Club.

How do people access the service?

To access the service people have to go online to the website www.basingstokeyoungcarers.co.uk which is currently under construction where there will be a request for service form, which the form has to be completed and an assessment to be undertaken prior to starting to access the service.


Basingstoke young carers is funded by Hampshire county council which covers the core running costs. To enable the project to deliver respite activities then they have to seek additional funding. They have been lucky enough over the years to have received very kind donations from organisations, which has helped deliver the above youth clubs and any activities they have been on like day trips or residentials.

What would they do if they received funding?

That will give them ability to go on trips to take them away from caring responsibilities, transportation to get more carers accessing the service so they can help more carers and their families. Lastly more equipment so there would be more activities to do at each of the youth clubs.

How to contact Basingstoke young carers?

Phone: 01256 423851
Email: office@basingstokeyoungcarers.co.uk
Facebook: basingstokeyoungcarers
Twitter: BasingstokeYC